Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Soul-Food Sunday" Needs Suggestions

I have a proposition to make....

I think we should take the idea of what healthy food should look like and throw it out the window. How about this: all of you out there in cyberspace tell me what unhealthy comfort foods are your favorites, and I'll try and health-ify it for you. This Sunday will mark the first of (hopefully) many "Soul-Food Sundays".

Leave me comments and we'll see if we can make this work!


  1. My biggest downfall used to be cheeseburgers and fries. I was a vegetarian for a long time and then I fell off the wagon. I started over and I've been vegan for a few weeks. I'm really struggling with all of the different ingredients for recipes and I don't know what half of the stuff is. I am very busy and I find it difficult to be vegan when I don't have much time to cook. I need to be able to make something fast. Any suggestions? Thanks Lynette

  2. As many people around me know, I have a weakness that plagues our "youngins" today: Candy and sweets. I would like to slowly cut them out by replacing the sweets with a healthier, yet still tasty sort of food. Any suggestions on a path I can take to candy-abstinence?
    Thanks VegonConCurls!

  3. I'm addicted to Top Ramen. Talk about comfort food. I've eaten it since I was just a wee thing. I'm generally relatively healthy but these noodles have got a hold on me. Just 39 cents, 5 minutes, and so dang tasty. Please help VeganConCurls! Are there healthy and fresh noodles out here I could redirect my adoration to? Thank you, jP

  4. On cold brisk Sundays when winter is just around the corner I'm eager to curl up on the couch with a large bowl of chili & a light hearted Christmas movie. Any ideas on a vegetarian version of this classic?
    Love the blog, hearts!